Visual Meaning

June 26th 2019

Visual Meaning is a specialist consultancy that uses visual language
to help people understand anything that’s big, complex, ambiguous or difficult

Visual Meaning is a specialist management consultancy based in Oxford. We make sense of complexity in a visual way, because it’s the fastest way to create shared meaning. Our team of business analysts, consultants and artists work alongside organisations who want to create systemic change, helping them find a shared language to describe it and giving them the visual tools to take it back to their organisations – for example using maps and rich pictures.

We work with all types of organisations, from large corporations to public sector agencies, and we also partner up with other consultancies. We provide training in visual language and participate in forums dedicated to systems thinking.

You can find out more about the theory that underpins our work on our blog Meaning Guide and find examples of past projects on our website


July 25th 2019

Habitat Energy

Habitat Energy provide a state-of-the-art optimisation and trading platform for grid-scale battery storage, with full route-to-market capability for wholesale and balancing markets in the UK.

July 22nd 2019

Finalists for the Oxford Trust Enterprise Awards 2019 announced

An online learning platform, a more affordable satellite system and a new biopsy triaging technology have all been shortlisted for the finals of The Oxford Trust’s Enterprise Awards 2019.

June 26th 2019

How Said Business School is helping local science and technology businesses find talent

James Henton, Employer Engagement Manger at Saïd Business School, shares his insights on how Oxford Saïd students are contributing to the local tech community.