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We have a wide range of customers within the Oxford Centre for Innovation. Each company is part of our innovative community,
with access to business support, flexible workspace and networking opportunities.

The Wood Centre for Innovation is our sister site which hosts an equally diverse selection of companies.


Aether are world experts in environmental data analysis and interpretation. Aether is at the forefront of greenhouse gas (GHG) and air quality emissions calculation and review, in international, national and local authority markets. We are respected internationally for our niche expertise in this area.  Aether is based in Oxford.

ColdQuanta UK Ltd

ColdQuanta designs, develops, and manufactures instruments and systems for quantum technology. They provide products and services for scientific and industrial applications such as cold atom experimentation.


Createc is a computing and electronics engineering business specialising in technical consultancy and R&D in applied imaging and sensing. They use combinations of existing sensor technologies to generate new solutions, often creating new opportunities in the process.

Curiosity Software

We’ve created innovative solutions that create tests and data at the pace of CI/CD pipelines and test automation frameworks, being triggered on demand during both automated and manual processes.

Euro Intelligence

Eurointelligence is a specialist service for news and analysis of the EU and eurozone. With our flagship product, Eurointelligence Professional, we offer filtered and time-saving access to important information from a wide network of national and international sources. No media outlet offers comparable coverage. We also provide our own expert commentary and analysis, and try to do so with a dose of humour. Without it, the eurozone would be hard to bear.

Fluid Gravity Engineering

Fluid Gravity Engineering (FGE) is a scientific consultancy specialising in computational physics. Our work mainly employs continuum mechanics in fields such as: fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, shock physics, reactive multiphase flow, constitutive material response, and electromagnetics.

Habitat Energy

Habitat Energy provide a state-of-the-art optimisation and trading platform for grid-scale battery storage. We were founded with the belief that making merchant battery storage investable at scale is a vital step towards delivering a low carbon future and the preservation of our habitat for generations to come

Learning With Experts

Learning with Experts is a global classroom community that brings people together to learn from expert tutors and each other.

Mathys & Squire

We believe that effective systems for protecting intellectual property (IP) are essential so that innovators can be properly rewarded. Our clients become successful by recognising the opportunities and risks of IP and following a well thought out IP strategy.


NAG provides industry-leading numerical software and technical services to banking and finance, energy, engineering, and market research, as well as academic and government institutions. World renowned for the NAG® Library – the most rigorous and robust collection of numerical algorithms available – NAG also offers Automatic Differentiation, Machine Learning, and Mathematical Optimization products, as well as world-class technical consultancy across HPC and Cloud HPC, code porting and optimization, and other areas of numerical computing.


Optellum was founded so that every lung cancer patient is diagnosed and treated in the early stage, and cured. We redefine early interception of lung disease by enabling every clinician, in every hospital, to manage their patients in the optimal way. Our first product is the first software for personalized early diagnosis & treatment of lung cancer, based on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning applied to the world’s largest clinical dataset.

Oxford Brain Diagnostics

We are on a mission to change the way the world thinks about brain health.

Oxford Brain Diagnostics is committed to analysing the cellular structure of the brain in a way no one else can, to support drug development and aid clinicians around the world in their fight to defeat Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.


Oxford Drug Design

Oxford Drug Design is a leader in novel antibiotic research.  We use state-of-the-art computational techniques to find new antibacterial compounds. Founded and chaired by Prof. Graham Richards, one of the pioneers of computational chemistry, we use proprietary tools and databases to discover novel drugs and optimise existing compounds.



PrintPool was created in 2020 in Oxford, when we noticed that engineers, makers and designers who couldn’t, or didn’t want to invest in their own 3D-Printers had very few options other than conventional AM service bureaus, which were often extremely expensive and inflexible.

Quantum Dice

Quantum Dice span out of Oxford University’s world renowned quantum optics lab, Quantum Dice is developing the world’s first compact source-device independent quantum random number generator.


QuantrolOx is building automated machine learning based control software for quantum technologies to tune, stabilise, and optimise qubits. QuantrolOx’s software is technology agnostic and applicable to all types of quantum technologies, however initially the company is targeting solid-state qubits where the team has already demonstrated substantial practical benefits.

This Great Adventure

At this great adventure we’re on a journey to discover meaningful and innovative ways to connect storytelling techniques with interactive digital technologies, imagining new forms of narrative-led cultural engagement, development and physical-digital placemaking like a game map, only a small portion of this territory has so far been revealed.

Visionary Machines

Superhuman vision for autonomous navigation

Visionary Machines has created a revolution in 3D sensing using camera arrays. Delivering better than human vision for machines — with unparalleled depth, colour, motion, and trajectory.

Visual Meaning

We create visual tools that help people make sense of complexity. In practice this usually means working with organisational leaders, programme directors and cross-industry groups to make conceptual maps that give everyone a shared model of what’s going on.

Sherwood Scientific

Sherwood Scientific Ltd is a Development and Manufacturing company producing a range of scientific instruments and apparatus with applications in many industries, education and research. As well as manufacturing our own products we are able to undertake specific consultancy projects in many areas of analytical measurements and process control utilising our own experience and harnessing our extensive contacts

ATG Scientific

ATG Scientific aims to enhance your laboratory research and testing needs with innovative products from around the globe. The Company, located in Oxford, has a strong base of customers across many sectors including those in analytical, biological and materials science labs


Stockopedia is a subscription based investment service providing access to a host of tools and data including over 19,000 stock reports. The software enables users to discover trading and investment ideas, to analyse company financial health, improve their decision-making processes and to track their portfolio against the market.

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